Breast Implant Profiles

High Profile Implants

Breast ImplantsHigh profile implants come in both silicone and saline implants through Allergan and Mentor Corporation. The high profile implants have increased anterior/posterior projection and have a reduced lateral width or diameter. These implants, both saline and silicone, have reduced rippling and visibility due to a rounder shape to the breast implant.

The high profile silicone gel implants have a natural upper pole slope when placed in the dual plane technique. High profile implants in general, in my opinion, give women a tapered, less matronly and a more thin appearance in the upper chest region. They are fuller and have more projection.

High profile silicone gels are useful in patients who have multiple capsulectomies, where visibility and rippling become a problem along the medial cleavage area. Although it may not completely remove the visibility and rippling, it may reduce it significantly versus textured implants as well as saline implants. The majority of the implants used in your practice are high profile saline and silicone implants because 1) again, they leave women with a more tapered appearance; 2) less visibility and rippling; and 3) more enhanced AP projection.

High Profile Implants

High Profile Implant Before and After Photos

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Moderate Plus Implants

Moderate plus profile implants are a compromise between the moderate profile (the widest and flattest implants, the least AP projection) and the high profile saline or silicone implants (the most AP projection and least in diameter or width). The moderate plus saline and silicone implants have a mid range of anterior/posterior projection and are not quite as wide as the more flattened moderate profile implant. I do use the moderate plus profile implants in patients who do not want too much upper pole fullness; however, do not want to have too much lateral width as well. These implants are excellent in the cohesive gels as well. The biggest advantage of moderate plus profile implants is not too much AP projection, especially useful for patients who are somewhat narrow along the thoracic cavity and those who do want a slightly less upper pole fullness that would found on the high profile saline and silicone gels.

Moderate Plus Implant Before After Photos

Moderate Plus Breast Implant Pre and Post Op Photos

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Moderate Implants

Moderate profile implants. Moderate profile saline and silicone implants were the workhorse implants used from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Over the last five to seven years, high profile implants and moderate profile implants have come into the marked and I prefer to use those uniformly. The biggest disadvantage of moderate profile saline implants is that they ripple more and that they have less AP projection, they are quite wide, they lead to, I believe, a more matronly appearance and they do not give a significant amount of AP projection, especially in wide patients. Patients who have a wide thoracic cavity will do well with I believe moderate or high profile saline or silicone gel implants. The moderate profile implants do not have a significant role in my practice in 2010. Therefore, I do not usually recommend these to the majority of my patients. In fact, patients of mine who have had deflations over the last 10 to 13 years, who present with a moderate profile, are usually upgraded to high profile or moderate plus profile silicone gel implants.

Moderate Breast Implant Before After Photos

Moderate Breast Implant Pre and Post Op Photos

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