Breast Implant Shapes

Breast ImplantsOnly round implants are used in breast implant specialist Dr. Linder's practice. At this time, since 2010, we do not use any type of anatomical shaped implants due to rotational deformities. Again, the implants have profiles of moderate, moderate plus, and high profile. In general, we prefer high profile implants to reduce visibility and palpability of the implant edge to allow for a narrower implant, which reduces lateral bulkiness and fullness and a matronly appearance. We appreciate a more tapered appearance with more cleavage and nicer upper pole fullness. Moderate plus gel implants are useful in patients who are runway models as well as women often coming in internationally from Britain, Korea, and China, who want to have minimal upper pole fullness or reduced upper pole fullness. The moderate plus are favored more in the Asian community - at least at our practice.

Breast Implant Style Chart

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