Extra High Profile Breast Implants

Allergan Pharmaceuticals is now presenting the new Style 45 Extra High Profile Silicone Gel Implants. This implant will be used by Dr. Linder for his patients in his Beverly Hills Surgery Center. Patients from throughout the world, including Las Vegas, Nevada and of course Beverly Hills, California, may opt for this new Style 45 High Profile Gel Implant.

Implants available originally included Moderate, Moderate Plus and High Profile. The Style 45 is an Extra High Profile with more AP projection and even less width and more narrow. As a result, this may give women who desire to have the highest profile and most upper pole fullness the roundest shape implant on the market. Again, this implant is not for everybody. It is mostly for patients who desire a very full and increased AP projection with the most narrow based possible.

Patients throughout the world, including Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, do ask for the new Extra High Profile round implants and they are now available with Dr. Linder in his practice in Beverly Hills and Las Vegas.

high profile breast implant, actual patient

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